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Skype Online training/coaching worldwide
Not in Sydney? Not a problem!
I work exclusively with clients through online
and distant training. It works just as effectively as 1:1.
I run online training though holistic programs including:
Assessment and Consultation Documentation
Periodised Training Programming
Periodised Nutrition: your macros + full detailed
weekly shopping lists for rotation.
Periodised Lifestyle habits
Periodised Supplementation Plan
30minutes Skype Session follow ups weekly
Unlimited e-mail contact
With the option to travel to Sydney for 1:1 sessions
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training journey.



In Home/Condo gyms/ Outdoors/Private Studio

Joas training practice are full of fun, supervision and
energy, her style is unique based in spine alignment, 
core, balance, flexibility and breathing. Working in
elements that improve endurance, prevent injuries, 
promoting fat loss and muscle toning all at the same
time. she incorporates Yoga, Pilates, Tai chi, sport
conditioning and Thai massage within the 55mins session.
- 1:1 Training Personalized Sessions
- Doubles/Group Training Session
- Sport Conditioning
- Metabolic Training
- Hypertrophy academy training
- Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi sessions
Posture program (3 stages, 12 weeks) Learn More
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Joa's Team

Joa has surrounded herself with amazing talented
professionals. If you are in Canada, join our team:
Toronto, Canada Team
Flavia Morais
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training journey in Toronto, Canada



- Instructional videos
- Manual with exercises
- 24/7 email support

3 Stages from 4 to 16 weeks

The corrective preventive program includes:

- Breathing and awareness
- Breaking old patterns
- Core/glute activation
- Shoulders mobility
- Learning scapular retraction
- Isolate shoulder movements
- Integration of spine
- Opening thoracic area
- Increasing spine flexibility
- Decompression of the spine
- Homework to memorize and activate muscle
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Refresh your Body

- Fill out questionnaire
- Receive customize program
- Track your journey
- Get result

30 Days restore your system consists:

In a complete holistic program. Working along naturopathic doctors and
functional medicine doctors. It is created a 30 days restore program for
anybody who wants to improve absorption, digestion and guts issues. 
To look and feel healthier. 

- How to address the toxins that makes you sick and storage fat.
- How and when to eat carbs.
- How to control portions and cravings.
- Elimination diet, learning about food-induced chronic inflammation.

Price: $119.99
Shoot me an e-mail to learn more about it.

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• Thai massage is a great therapy used to relax the body, mind and integrate the energy to a new level of awareness. Thai massage can sooth and also decompress the muscles from tightness and stress from daily life. Joa as a Thai Massage practitioner helps her clients to improve her mobility, range of motion using this amazing ancestral bioenergetic therapy. It incorporates stretching, palming and pressure points in a soothing therapeutic dance of movement. This ancient healing knowledge of Thailand is amazing and highly effective, leaving you feeling restored and rejuvenated.

• She incorporates Thai Massage as part of the training session as well as she provides full sessions of 45,60 and 90 mins.

• Great to treat scoliosis, tight hips, rotator cuff , chronic neck/lower back, frozen shoulder, arthritis, carpal tunnel, knee and feet problems, headaches, constipation, stomach pain, anxiety, depression and sports injuries.