Getting ready to Natural Canadian Nationals Bodybuilding 2018 Last 90 days comparison to prep for a Bikini Wellness Natural Show in Toronto, ON, Canada 1) Eating balanced 2) Training focus in building legs and shoulder symmetry 3) Maintaining a regular lifestyle 4) Biweekly check ups of Body Composition to track progression.
I have been able to achieve my fitness goals and go much beyond those as a result of working with Joa Ftiness. I started out with goal of losing 20 to 30 Kgs with her, but I ended up loosing more than 60 kgs.

I have been able to achieve the level of physical fitness which I couldn’t even dream of 2 years ago. My transformation journey has been so spectacular that even people closest to me sometimes feel its still a dream.
— Ajay, Online Client from India

30 days to balance your mind, body and spirit. Learning how to detox our body with an intuitive eating approach, own your emotions and take control of your actions with meditation practice. Remember it is a lifestyle!
With Joa’s expert knowledge and patient encouragement, I now have the tools to accomplish my fitness goals.

— Loree - Toronto, On

As a lifelong advocate and practitioner of various forms of exercise, I have recently
been introduced to the benefits of working out with a personal trainer. It has improved
my wellbeing both physically and mentally. At 66 years of age I thought that it wouldn’t
be possible to actually become stronger and leaner by adding more muscle mass to my

Joa has taken my exercise regimen to a whole new level. She encourages me to
continually reach my limits. Altering my programme each time we meet, makes working
out both challenging and fresh.

Joa goes that extra “mile” by providing a summary of the exercises we have worked on
together so that I can come to the gym and practice them independently on the days
that I’m not working out with her.

Injuries are a thing of the past now that I am guided so carefully by her expertise. Joa
varies the intensity of each exercise according to my ability which can sometimes vary
each day, yet she positively reflects that I will eventually reach my goals.

I feel stronger, more toned and have more energy both physically and mentally now that
I work out with Joa. Her enthusiasm is infectious and working out with her is “habit
forming”. Your body, mind and soul will thank you for committing yourself to working
with Joa.
— Joanne G. - Toronto, ON

The best thing about training with Joa is her wealth of knowledge about fitness and nutrition.
Before I started training with Joa I had experimented with several different styles of working out: yoga, cross fit, circuit training and a lot of different sports. I can genuinely say that through training with Joa I have seen results faster than any of the other work out forms listed above. Every session is different and feels completely customized to my body and me. The workouts are challenging, dynamic and unlike anything I have really done before.
The best thing about training with Joa is her wealth of knowledge about fitness and nutrition. It’s incredible how much knowledge I’ve accumulated by having a simple conversation with her. Joa’s passion for fitness and helping people achieve their goals is extremely evident; it’s significantly easier to want to work hard when there is someone who cares about the outcome.
— Sam - Toronto, ON

Joa is really good in what she is doing and wish the sessions were a little longer
— Nisha, India

When I travel I take care of myself and I eat well. I have you to thank you a lot, you really did change my mindset and habits in such a positive way I will always be grateful
— Barry, Singapore