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The Posture School Program (PSP) is a video instructional ONLINE program that was designed by Joa Rivas in 2015 as a way to guide and support people with debilitating back pain due to scoliosis or poor posture in general. Joa developed scoliosis and chronic back pain at the young age of 15, so she understands the significance of this problem and is aware of the lack of support and solutions available. Frustrated and in pain, Joa found a way to decrease and stop her daily back pain and transformed her own body by learning from and working within her limitations. Happy with the transformation she saw in her own body, Joa longed to share what she did to get stronger and teach others the method of battling scoliosis without surgery or prescribed medications. Now as a Yoga and Pilates teacher and Thai massage therapist she is excited to bring this program to everyone in the world, and not just in English, but also in Spanish. This program is 120 days of practice that will be incorporated into your daily life.

The PSP emphasizes proper alignment of the head, neck and spine. Improvements to posture and body awareness will be achieved by the end of the program and will lead to an overall strengthening of the back, for a back free of pain!

Subtle adjustments will help the head balance freely on top of the spine, reducing pressure to the lower back and increasing flexibility and range of motion to all joints. Anyone who spends a great portion of their day hunched over a computer, driving, sitting at a desk or holding positions for too long will enjoy the benefits of PSP.

Yoga, Pilates and Tai-chi are some of the disciplines you will get to practice during the program whilst engaging in light dumbbells, cable resistance machines, foam rolling and stability ball exercises.

Nothing worth having comes easy. Exercising is therapeutic especially for people like Joa with previous spinal dysfunction. It takes consistency, patience and practice to succeed in life. She invites you here to try and to experience the PSP from day 1 to day 120. She has taught this method to many of her clients and they have all experienced some improvement to varying degrees. Change is happening, a change of posture and many other benefits including more regular sleep, a stronger core, greater confidence and a pain free improved quality of life. Joa would love for you to try the program that will change your life and to continue with the tools that work for you, forever.

Joa also believes that the only way to grow in this path is to share and to support each other during this process, that is why she created a world wide community forum! In this forum Joa connects everyone in a social interactive mobile platform where she communicates with the PSP group on weekly basis, answering questions. Members are also welcome to share their experience throughout the 120 days of practice and upload stories from their phone.

JOA’s story

“At 15 years old, Joa was diagnosed with Scoliosis, which means her spine curves from side to side. A healthy spine is linear if viewed from behind. The Schroth method, which treats the disorder by strengthening the muscles around the spine has been effective in eliminating pain since the 1920s. Indirectly, she began to fix her anomaly while learning Yoga and Pilates, which emphasize spine and hip alignment. She became an instructor after realizing how effective the activities were at relieving pain.

In 2010, Joa became a personal trainer. She works with individuals who range from absolute beginner to experienced athletes who have an agenda. She also does group sessions. “One-on-one is better if you want fast results,” she tells me. It’s because she caters the workout according to your needs. Having a personal trainer is better than training alone because of the competition. “Me, when I’m training [people], they have a lot of pressure because they see me doing something that they can’t do yet.”

She shows me the trick to working out my latissimus Dorsi. It’s simple: a pull up. She encourages, “Be patient, have persistence, and never give up. Last year was the first year I didn’t feel pain from my Scoliosis.”


The corrective preventive program includes:

- Breathing and awareness
- Breaking old patterns
- Core/glute activation
- Shoulders mobility
- Learning scapular retraction
- Isolate shoulder movements
- Integration of spine
- Opening thoracic area
- Increasing spine flexibility
- Decompression of the spine
- Homework to memorize and activate muscle

- Instructional tutorial videos
- Tracking sheets of progression
- 24/7 email support / Mobile Community

Posture School Program
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120 days program

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