Thai Massage

Thai massage is a great therapy used to relax the body, mind and integrate the energy to a new level of awareness. Thai massage can sooth and also decompress the muscles from tightness and stress from daily life. Joa as a Thai Massage practitioner helps her clients to improve her mobility, range of motion using this amazing ancestral bioenergetic therapy. It incorporates stretching, palming and pressure points in a soothing therapeutic dance of movement. This ancient healing knowledge of Thailand is amazing and highly effective, leaving you feeling restored and rejuvenated.

  • She incorporates Thai Massage as part of the training session as well as she provides full sessions of 45,60 and 90 mins.

  • Great to treat scoliosis, tight hips, rotator cuff , chronic neck/lower back, frozen shoulder, arthritis, carpal tunnel, knee and feet problems, headaches, constipation, stomach pain, anxiety, depression and sports injuries.