Is Thai Massage painful?

So many people have terrible experiences with Thai Massage. But let me tell you my master and my school has provided me great understanding and education about what Thai Massage is about and I only get smiles and appreciation after a Thai massage session.

So, No, Thai massage is a great therapy used to relax the body, mind and integrate the energy to a new level of awareness. Thai massage can sooth and also decompress the muscles from tightness and stress from daily life. Joa as a Thai Massage practicioner helps her clients to improve her mobility, range of motion using this amazing ancestral bioenergetic therapy. It incorporates stretching, palming and pressure points in a soothing therapeutic dance of movement. This ancient healing knowledge of Thailand is amazing and highly effective, leaving you feeling restored and rejuvenated.

Some times my clients release emotions and cry , which is part of the whole body balance. To release emotions that can be blocking us to flow energetically with the divine Universe.

The best way for you to understand it is to experience it personally.

This style of massage is traditionally executed in the Thai Massage mats and with loose clothing with no oil needed. Hope to see you.

Joa Rivia