OBJECTIVE: To educate individuals in the community (Toronto and world wide) through therapies and group exercises in order to help people achieve an optimal physical and mental health state, with much needed emotional release.


  • NOW: Acceptance and recognition of the physical and emotional process that you are about to start.

  • HOW: Allow Joa to guide you through different situations and circumstances in your life that prevent you from achieving your goals.

  • WHEN: Empower yourself and decide to move away from your fears and limitations and towards self awareness.

  • Acknowledge your self as being in the present and the now.

  • Integrate the new knowledge and tools you receive from this program into your daily life.

  • Celebrate and be thankful for your courage and commitment to be more self aware and make positive changes in your health and wellbeing.

Facilitators: B.Ed Joa Rivas and Dr. Olga Salinas (

Delivery Modality

  • 1 day intro ( 4 hours workshops )

  • 3 day seminars ( 6 hours each day) LVL I, II, III

  • 3 night retreats ( full day including outdoor activities and cooking class, food education)

  • 5 night retreat (  full day including outdoor activities and cooking class, food education)

Target Audience:

  • Small Group: 6-9

  • Large Group: 10-15


Know how to discover yourself and how you are  depositing your emotions in your body.

  • Know how to address your emotions and old pattern behaviours

  • Have the knowledge and tools like tapping for example, to address your emotions.

  • Using a journal addresing your emotions and how your emotions are affecting your body, your health, your well being.

  • Learn how to breath with awareness which will help you to be in the present

  • Know how to stretch and relax your physical body

  • Know what type food are creating inflammation in your body


When you are feeling discomfort or pain in your body know how detect if it’s a somatization of any emotion.


Understanding that being in the past or in the future does not allow you to be in the present.


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