“ Through my Posture School Program (PSP) , I am excited to share tools and techniques with you that I have personally incorporated into my life for the last 15 years to reduce my own chronic back pain and scoliosis”




Online Posture School Program

ONLINE Posture School Program (PSP)

The Posture School Program (PSP) is an online program guided through instructional videos that was designed by Joa Rivas in 2015 as a way to guide and support people with debilitating back pain due to scoliosis or poor posture in general. Joa developed scoliosis and chronic back pain at the young age of 15, so she understands the significance of this problem and is aware of the lack of support and solutions available. Frustrated and in pain, Joa found a way to decrease and stop her daily back pain and transformed her own body by learning from and working within her limitations.


649.35 999.00

120 days program

First 10 applicants

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Online 360 Body & Mind restore program

ONLINE 360 Body/Mind Restore program

In a complete holistic program which includes meditation, food detox and emotional balance, Joa has finally created a 30 day restore program! This program is for anybody who wants to improve absorption, digestion and gut issues as well as achieve emotional and mental balance for inner harmony. To maintain the results of the program beyond 4 weeks, Joa provides you with the tools to find balance in your physical body and within your mind and emotional state. This program includes basic key elements to incorporate into your daily routine which will help you stay in tune both physically, mentally and energetically.


324.35 499.00

30 days program

First 10 applicants

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Online and in person coaching

Online and in-Person Coaching

ONLINE on Skype or 1:1 in Person on location

(currently Toronto)

Joa is a fitness consultant that provides clients with an integral way to optimize health through personal coaching which includes physical training, nutritional guidance and meditation. The best way to contact her is via SKYPE. From the initial SKYPE meeting, Joa will evaluate your needs and create a personal plan for you.


90.00 110.00

1 hour personal training (only Toronto)

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"I teach successful motivated people how to restore their energy by improving their daily habits and by optimizing their digestive health so they can thrive in their personal and professional lives"