360 Body/Mind Restore Program


In a complete holistic program which includes meditation, food detox and emotional balance, Joa has finally created a 30 day restore program! This program is for anybody who wants to improve absorption, digestion and gut issues as well as achieve emotional and mental balance for inner harmony. To maintain the results of the program beyond 4 weeks, Joa provides you with the tools to find balance in your physical body and within your mind and emotional state. This program includes basic key elements to incorporate into your daily routine which will help you stay in tune both physically, mentally and energetically.

Some tools included in the program:

-Tracking sheets (food elimination, emotional and mental progression)

-Social interaction and a platform to communicate with others on the program

In 30 days of holistic transformation, you will learn:

- How to address the toxins that make you sick and store fat
- How and when to eat carbs
- How to control portions and cravings
- Elimination diet, learning about food-induced chronic inflammation

- Fill out questionnaires within 48 hours
- Receive the 30 day detox Program within 48 hours
- Track your daily journey for 30 days

-Get Involved with the community
- Feel new, get results and share your journey with everyone around you!

360 Body/Mind Restore Program
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30 days program

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