Are you pregnant? Are you a new mother ? or you want more support after your first babys experience

#DOULA In Greek means " a woman in service".

Why to work with me?

❤️I am a doula trained by International school DONA

❤️I am a Thai Massage Therapist by Thai Massage Toronto School since 2013

❤️I am a yoga and pilates teacher since 2010

❤️I have worked with kids since I was 16, I have a Bachelor Degree in Education and I was an Au Pair for 2 years in USA and a caregiver for 2 years in Toronto.

❤️LGBT community friendly


Basic Package includes:

⭐2 prenatal educational/support visits ( 60 mins )

⭐Birth support and full attendance of your delivery ( unpredictable )

⭐2 postpartum educational/support visits ,after birth ( 60 mins )

⭐24/7 text message care for your entire pregnancy

My story of how I became a Doula.

My grandma who is now 94 was the midwife of her village and she delivered countless of babies in her village and when she delivered my mom she struggled since my #mom came with a twin brother! She wasn't expecting that double surprise! She is now so proud of me. I can not believe I am following her journey. How small world.
😲🎉As a wellness coach and #yogateacher I have many clients that after babies get affected mentally and emotionally suffering of post partum depression, they feel lost, they struggle with the transition of becoming mothers. I have this inner call to facilitate the process and space to trust me and build a relationship that provides support, education and power to lead a life of balance, when I heard about Doula I totally felt like I was designed to be one, not only to support emotionally my friends and family but also to create an educational program to combat #postpartumdepression to the new mothers with #yogababies and the #Happymomsprogram . We will practice safe yoga, pilates exercises to maintain the core in shape as well as massage therapy and meditation techniques to relax within this transformational human process . 🙏❤️

I am now working in understanding more the process of a #woman becoming a mother, Since I am a little girl I love babies and I love nourishing people, my zodiacal sign is Cancer, It is all about family, we nourish by nature, I am just a #mother by nature. #Doulas are getting more included nowadays in almost every hospital and l am so happy to be one of them. A doula is a woman, typically without formal obstetric training, who is employed to provide guidance and support to a pregnant woman prenatal during labor and Post partum. ⭐❤️
I am officially trained to be a #Doula by the international school DONA. 😍

I love babies and yoga, I play the Kalimba to the mothers and babies to sooth them with simply breathing. I connect myself to the deep feelings of the women and bridge them to become great mothers. From the womb we plant little seeds with love and cultivate daily love so the new babies of the planet come prepared to bloom with positive intentions and purpose, so they know that this Divine Universe is safe and that we are here to protect them.

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Meet Natalia…

My niece, my love