About Joa Fitness

Joa Rivas is an elite Personal Trainer working in the heart of Toronto. Joa works as a Fitness Instructor as well, teaching cardio conditioning, core strength training, Yoga, Pilates and Tai chi. Joa is also Nutrition and Wellness certified and possesses a unique and effective program for posture support and correction, especially for people that suffers of scoliosis and chronic backaches.

Joa completed the Hypertrophy Academy of the Canadian Center of Strength and Conditioning in 2014, her fitness versatility skills cover the ways to develop proper work outs to create optimal hypertrophy training response on her clients interested in building muscle for specific sports, bodybuilding or just to get stronger and fitter.

Joa as a Thai Massage therapist can help you to improve your body flexibility and reduce the risk of injuries. She incorporates her skills at the end of the training 15 mins of stretches based in Thai massage and yoga stretches.